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Comments: Firefox quick bookmarks


If you are having a hard time finding your favorite (no pun intended) bookmarks in your ever growing Mozilla Firefox bookmarks collection, this article describes how to add a kind of quick launch similar to the quick launch toolbar in Microsoft Windows.

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Thank you for your hints and tips. I am new to Firefox and I found them very helpful; the level of detail is excelent and they are explained in a very clear manner.

Posted by Marin at 23:16 GMT on 19 March 2006

I followed the instructions but what I need is for the items in the quick launch folder to display automatically as tabs upon Firefox start up

Posted by organizersedge at 12:48 GMT on 7 May 2006

This isn't a firefox specific tip, I was doing it back in the days of NN4. It should work for any browser with a Personal/Bookmarks/Links Toolbar type thing. It's more useful for quick access than difficulty in locating things. Also note that you embedded folders behave as you would expect.

Posted by belg4mit at 18:41 GMT on 19 May 2006

That's right. OK! But how can I make TWO Quick Bookmark lines?

I know, this is a QUICK bar and no need more, but I want to know...


Posted by Demon at 12:51 GMT on 29 August 2006

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