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Comments: Creating a customized Command Prompt shortcut


Although the "Command Prompt here" shell extension often seems to make a short cut to a command prompt redundant, it can be quite useful to have one or even several at hand, especially since a shortcut can open a customized command prompt. I have several of those short cuts in my customized Quick Launch menu (see A better start menu with Quick Launch for how to create your own).

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Works fine as described.

How does one get this to work from a .bat file?

-- Warren

Posted by Warren at 19:41 GMT on 27 June 2006

Thanks for posting this. I "googled" on "command prompt shortcut" and it was the first result-- exactly what i wanted-- and I thought this info was going to be hard to find!

Posted by Chris at 16:34 GMT on 29 September 2006

Hi there,

I would like some html code that I could add to my website that would create a prompt 'save to desktop'. So that when a visiter opens the default page it would prompt them to save it to their desk top.

i have searched the net for hours trying to find something, hopefully you may know of something I could try.

thank You. gavin.

Posted by gavin at 23:24 GMT on 5 February 2007

How I can change the icon?

I was able to change it using icon from different application, but when accessing shortcut's "properties" I do not see the "Layout" tab!!!???

Any suggestions?

Posted by kosta at 22:37 GMT on 6 May 2007

@kosta - I just tried. If I click in the "Shortcut" tab on the "Change Icon..." button I can change the icon. Even if I select icons from another application or DLL I keep the Layout tab.

I have no idea why you don't see the Layout tab though.

Posted by John Bokma at 04:57 GMT on 12 May 2007

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