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I no longer update this weblog. I keep however a new journal which is a mix between living in Mexico and Information Technology: MexIT.


Installed the latest version of TextPad.


Installed Mozilla Firebird and some extensions for this browser. This is a great browser. Highly recommended.

Edit: Mozilla Firebird has been renamed to Mozilla Firefox.


Went to a flea market and bought "De Drakenruiters" a book written by Jack Vance. It contains the Dutch translations of the following three stories: "The Languages of Pao", "Big Planet", and "The Dragon Masters".


Added the GNU logo I designed a few years back to this website. Also downloaded the 8 July version of Mozilla Thunderbird.


Finally, after many bad days and a very bad sleeping pattern I had some good rest thanks to Oxazepam. I wrote an article about my experience with Quitting Oxazepam (Serax). Upon my request Nancy added a link on her Depression Information and Support page. Thanks!

Also converted my Website design article to XHTML and made some minor adjustments to the text. Converted an old Xara tutorial and added it to the site, see Xarials (The Xara tutorials).


Downloaded the 1 July version of Thunderbird. This program replaces Outlook Express on my system. It is both a mail client and a Usenet client but without all those problems associated with OE. Highly recommended. And yes, the emoticons are back!


Installed Cygwin on my Windows 98 SE system because GNU makes life so much easier. I also want to use the Cygwin environment to test BitlBee: an IRC to other chat networks gateway. This program makes it possible to use an IRC client, for example XChat, to talk to people on MSN, ICQ, Yahoo! etc. However running configure reports:

Cannot find glib development libraries, aborting. (Install libglib-dev?)

Have to look into that later.

Also made a short cut to rxvt with the following target:

C:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -tn xterm -e /usr/bin/bash --login -i

This is a very good replacement for the default command prompt. You need to install this program separately since it is not part of the default install of Cygwin.

Started the conversion to XHTML of several web site pages and added some new ones.


Today the books Gill sent to me arrived. She is a very kind person I met on the Internet. She recognised the style of P. G. Wodehouse in the Azazel stories written by Isaac Asimov. And she is right, even Asimov admits that he was influenced by Wodehouse in the introduction to Azazel:

And, by the way, if you occasionally detect the faint influence of P. G. Wodehouse, believe me, that's not accidental.

I got Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves and The Code of the Woosters both published by Penguin Books. I started in the latter.

She also enclosed a nice card and a small card with a nice personal message. Thanks Gill!

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