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Comments: Quick reference card for TextPad


I used OpenOffice.org to make a Quick Reference card for my favorite text editor: TextPad. The reference is based on the official help file that comes with Textpad. The reference is available for download as pdf file. Feedback is welcome.

Read the rest of Quick reference card for TextPad.


This is a marvelous piece of work. It goes right next to my monitor.

Thanks John.

Posted by Disco Octopus at 00:43 GMT on 11 January 2006

This is great...and you got digged also.

I like the regex part the most... Thanks for the efforts..

Posted by Yogesh Jangam at 06:43 GMT on 11 January 2006

Nice one!

It's strange... I bought TextPad, and still use it to this day, because I love the way the keyboard navigation "remembers" where you are on a line (character position), when you cursor up/down. I have tried dozens of other, much more exciting, folding, sytax highlight with font styles, etc. editors, but I keep coming back to TextPad because of this one feature alone!

I fear however, that TextPad v4.7.3 (circa 2004) may be the last version... since it is now 2006, and no updates have been even mentioned. :-(

Posted by Bonzo at 14:38 GMT on 11 January 2006

I have followed the message board at the TextPad website for a short while and a lot of people have the impression that a new version of TextPad will appear once Vista comes out.

I am also hoping for an update, I reported one bug some time ago which I would like to see fixed (URLs with fragments don't work), and I hope they add folding, and improve the syntax highlighting capablities.

Another nice feature would be to have TextPad decide based on the DTD (or Scheme) of the HTML, XML, etc file it loads which syntax coloring file should be used.

Posted by John Bokma at 21:02 GMT on 11 January 2006

Sweet, c-s-arr up/down is a "new" one for me! Thanks!

Posted by impressed at 22:30 GMT on 11 January 2006

Great aid even though I've used textpad for years. Thanks!

Posted by Andrew at 09:26 GMT on 12 January 2006

It's great to have all this in one handy place -- thanks for sharing it!

Posted by Tim at 09:56 GMT on 16 January 2006

Congratulations and big HURRAH to John Bokma. I had started to compile a reference such as this but have accomplished only a third of what John has done. And i appreciate the effort (and time) that he has expended.

And he is giving it to us for free!!

Posted by ipatt at 05:35 GMT on 17 January 2006

Excellent! Thanks for your effort. Cheers.

Posted by Terry at 05:00 GMT on 2 February 2006

Thanks! It's of great help for me - new things in there even for a regular user. Folding and optional autocomplete are the features I miss most, but it clearly is my editor of choice.

Posted by Haiko at 23:11 GMT on 14 February 2006

Thanks for the GREAT Reference!!!

Posted by RevEngineer at 20:22 GMT on 13 June 2006

The ( ) for grouping tagged expressions should actually be:

\( \)

It took me ages to discover this, the TextPad help does not mention this issue.

Posted by Jon at 01:34 GMT on 18 August 2006

I finally bought a license to version 5.0 and discovered this wonderful reference card. GREAT WORK John. I have tried other 'fancier' Editors ala Boxer but ALWAYS come back to this reliable workhorse of an application because it is the most powerful text editor for Windows.

Posted by Ed Ramos at 17:41 GMT on 15 March 2007

I didn't know version 5.0 of TextPad was finally (to say the least) available until I read your comment, thanks!

I checked out the forum at the TextPad site but it sounds to me that the current version 5.0 is beta version (or even alpha). But I am sure that the developers of TextPad will turn 5.0 in the (too) long waited for update to TextPad 4.0 later this year.

Posted by John Bokma at 04:54 GMT on 29 March 2007

@Jon - you're right, and the same holds for |, which should be \| in a regular expression.

Thanks, I've updated the TextPad quick reference card, current version is 0.03.

Posted by John Bokma at 00:44 GMT on 14 May 2007

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