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Comments: PageRank reporting program


The Perl program on this page is an example, for educational purposes only, of how to use the LWP::UserAgent and HTTP::Request::Common modules to download a web page and extract information from it.

Read the rest of PageRank reporting program.


Thanks John , I was searching for this like hell , though i`m having some probs with my server , i`ll try this later

Thanks a lot man !

Posted by Sreejith at 08:51 GMT on 15 June 2005

Thank dude, its great script. I was always looking for such kind of scripts. Thanks once again. Plz keep posting such things in future also.

Greetings !

Posted by aakash at 06:49 GMT on 13 October 2005

Thanks, thats great. I'm trying to write Link Popularity + Google Page Rank + Alexa Checker in Perl, so one can cron this every night, and get nice graph from it. Thanks !

Posted by Yunnan at 10:23 GMT on 7 March 2006

This is indeed a great tool for webmasters. I am going to try it out especially as people such as me cannot afford costly software other than simple google and alexa toolbars.

Posted by Apravasi Arun at 19:02 GMT on 14 August 2007

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