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Comments: Currency converter interface


The Perl program given on this page is an example, for educational purposes only, of how to use the LWP::UserAgent and HTML::TreeBuilder modules to download a web page and extract information from it. Don't use this program to automatically extract data from, since the site strictly forbids this. The Perl program is just a simple example to get you started on how to fill in a web form and using the POST method to get the result back.

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I'm a learn by example kind of guy, and I searched the web pretty hard for a working example of how to use the post() method contained in the LWP::UserAgent module. I found lots of links to MANpages, but precious few examples of working code.

My search finally led me to your example; one that utilizes just the method I was looking to implement in my own code.

The way you presented the code allowed me to easily understand how the method worked and what I neeeded to do to use it for my own application.

I had my script up and running in about two minutes, after having spent a good 20 minutes beforehand struggling to understand.


By the way, my script extracts IEEE MAC address ownership information from the IEEE online database search page.

Posted by W.Watts at 13:35 GMT on 26 January 2006

Your website is great! Its very nice to see websites of other Perl lovers. Perl rules!!

Posted by Arul at 20:32 GMT on 21 February 2007

It seems like has changed their page layout this weekend and I can no longer use the script. Sadly, I'm not a Perl wiz and can't change the code myself.. An updated script would be most welcome!


Posted by Lars at 09:55 GMT on 26 February 2007

Thanks Lars, I have put it on my todo list for this week.

Posted by John Bokma at 00:22 GMT on 6 March 2007

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