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Comments: Some of my best photos: Coatepec Period

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While we were living in the town of Coatepec we went on several walks close to this town. Due to time constraints I haven't been able yet to write about most of those walks; a blog entry of a single walk can take between one and two days to write, including sorting through a lot of photos. Since in that period I made quite some nice photos, today I picked 20 of the ones I consider my personal best, and put a large version of each on line.

Read the rest of Some of my best photos: Coatepec Period.


Man your photos are Beautiful...all of them, and your daughter is really cute.

I hope you post more, you should also post some of you and your wife, you know the whole family.

I love to see when people is photographed at the most unexpected moment.

One question, would you mind if I download some of them to have as a desktop background on my computer? (I liked all, but specially the lake ones)


Saludos desde la Comarca Lagunera!

Posted by antonio at 21:43 GMT on 12 January 2011

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