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Some of my best photos: Coatepec Period

Sunday, August 15, 2010 | 1 comment

While we were living in the town of Coatepec we went on several walks close to this town. Due to time constraints I haven't been able yet to write about most of those walks; a blog entry of a single walk can take between one and two days to write, including sorting through a lot of photos. Since in that period I made quite some nice photos, today I picked 20 of the ones I consider my personal best, and put a large version of each on line.

  1. Godman's mapwing (Hypanartia godmanii) resting
  2. Close-up of the Tapachapan river
  3. The Tapachapan river
  4. The Psychedelic Caterpillar
  5. Jeweled hairstreak resting on a leaf
  6. Orange wasp moth (Cosmosoma ethodaea)
  7. Ruddy Daggerwing (Marpesia p. petreus)
  8. Alice eating a slice of melon
  9. Tiger Mimic-Queen (Lycorea halia atergatis) mating
  10. A dragonfly resting on a leaf
  11. Bordered Patch (Chlosyne l. lacinia) resting
  12. Alice close-up at the beach
  13. Alice on the beach of Veracruz
  14. Godman's mapwing resting on my thumb
  15. Opisena Hairstreak (Erora opisena)
  16. Blue-frosted Banner (Catonephele numilia esite)
  17. Our daughter Alice eating an orange
  18. Alice eating an orange standing
  19. Alice Bokma having a break
  20. Alice having fun in the river

All the above photos where taken near or in Coatepec, Veracruz with the exception of the two beach photos, which were taken at the beach in Veracruz city, and the last two photos, which were taken in a canyon near Cerro Gordo. The camera used is an out-of-the-box Canon A640 point-and-shoot digital camera; no filters, different lenses, etc. were used.

I hope soon to have more time to write more about those walks or trips we made, since there are many other nice photos I want to have online.

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