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Comments: Attacked in Coatepec


In the morning, just after I woke up, Esme told me that the Compaq computer wasn't working. She thought it had died, which wouldn't have been a big surprise since the motherboard, an Asus K8S-LA (Salmon), had nearly killed the north bridge about 2 years ago. Ironic, since I specifically bought the Compaq Presario SR1505LA because of it having an Asus motherboard, a brand I always had known as very good. Well, not their OEM boards since the heatsink issue I described seems to have occurred in several other computers with an Asus motherboard as well.

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200 pesos no worth for this problem

Posted by Anonymous at 15:40 GMT on 30 November 2011

Please 200 pesos. I borrowed money in the usa. 50 dollars I never expect the money back. You gave 200 pesos to poor people!!! you are not a good man. you complain to0 much. Machete guy should be in jail....sorry

Posted by Green at 15:51 GMT on 30 November 2011

@Green: in that case, can I borrow 50 USD? Thanks.

I didn't give 200 pesos to poor people, we borrowed 200 pesos to poor people who promised to pay it back. By just letting things go like this one will stop trusting people who actually will pay back.

The family is a bunch of crooks we learned later; their son had also harrassed a teenage girl. And shortly after this episode they finally got evicted. Ours was just one of the many complaints.

If I complain too much, maybe you complain too little and people are taking advantage of you, especially if you hand out 50 USD like candy.

Posted by John Bokma at 00:24 GMT on 3 January 2012

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