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Making Copy URL+ work after Firefox upgrade

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | 0 comments

One of my most favorite Firefox add-ons is Copy URL+. For one reason or another the maximum version of Firefox it supports hasn't been updated for quite some time. So each time I want it installed on a computer with a fresh install of Firefox I have to update the maxVersion in the install.rdf manually.

Recently I upgraded Ubuntu 8.10 on my Dell Vostro 200 ST to 9.04. And when that didn't gave too much trouble, I decided to go a bit further and upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10. Which resulted in a more recent version of Firefox than I had hard coded in Firefox on Ubuntu nearly a year ago.

Today I was again reminded of the fact that the upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10 and hence a more recent Firefox had disabled Copy URL+ and so I decided to fix it.

First I opened the directory which contains the installed Copy URL+ add-on. On my computer this directory is called {F78DC607-BB30-4e13-9E47-2C2E162E9094}. To locate this directory cd to or open:

  1. your home directory,
  2. the .mozilla sub directory,
  3. the firefox sub directory,
  4. your profile sub directory; somecode.default,
  5. the extensions sub directory,
  6. and finally the {F78DC607-BB30-4e13-9E47-2C2E162E9094} sub directory.

Now open the file install.rdf located in this directory and verify that it's indeed the install.rdf of the Copy URL+ add-on: line 8 should show the following:

    <em:name>Copy URL +</em:name>

After having verified this, change line 23 from (the version number is an example):


into, for example:


After you have made this change, save install.rdf and (re)start Firefox. The Copy URL plus add-on should be available again.

Note that this also might work for other extensions that suddenly stop to work after an update of Firefox. However, there is no guarantee that this hack will make your add-on work as before.

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