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That's why I love Emacs: it can do anything

Monday, March 30, 2009 | 0 comments

A few week backs Esme had decided that she really wanted to learn Dutch. After some Googling she ended up on Laura speaks Dutch. The author of the web site has, at the time of writing this blog entry, fiftyfive podcasts online; mp3 files that one can download, listen to, and learn Dutch.

Esme really enjoys the podcasts, and to help her I had downloaded them all in one go from the audio folder of the aforementioned web site using wget.

Today Esme complained that her mp3 player, a Zen Nano, jumped to the wrong podcast. It turned out that an extra leading zero in some filenames messed up the sorting order. Just when Esme had connected her Zen to her Dell notebook, I told her to connect it to my computer, running Linux, instead, so I could use Emacs to rename the culprits the easy way using dired.

When done, I said: that's why I love Emacs so much: it can do anything. Yes, I was exaggerating, but I do love Emacs.

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