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Google Chrome: a first impression

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 | 0 comments

Today, like probably a lot of people, I downloaded Google Chrome, a brand new browser made by Google, released today. I played a little with it, and this is my first impression:

Google Chrome in action.
Google Chrome in action.

Google Chrome likes

Google Chrome dislikes / shortcomings

In short, the application looks like a very promising browser. However, it appears (in my opinion) far from finished. At least from a power-user point of view. And since this browser has already built-in developer tools I assume that Google is aiming at power-users as well. Note that with far from finished I don't mean the browser itself. I like a clean and lean browser as long as it can be upgraded with add-ons and customized. In my opinion Firefox has become more and more bloated with each new release, and hence if Chrome stays like this, but sufficient add-ons become available soon, I might very well switch to Google's browser.

I have no doubt that all of the above dislikes / shortcomings will be fixed in a future release of this browser. A big must for me is that ports of Firefox add-ons become available as soon as possible. I am very used to Flashblock, Copy URL+, It's All Text!, Live HTTP Headers, and Web Developer (to name a few).

Also, a good way of managing bookmarks would be wonderful. Although I have used Firefox 3 a little, I haven't checked out how bookmarks are managed this version of Firefox yet, so I am not sure if Mozilla has it right this time. Currently I store links that are important to me in a local wiki (using MediaWiki). The advantage of this (to me) is that I can organize links in several ways, add additional notes (and even images), can reach my links from several computers, and share them with Esme.

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