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On MySQL and House Geckos

Thursday, August 21, 2008 | 0 comments

Today I had to modify an existing table in a MySQL database. I decided to blog on it later so others have an example of the ALTER TABLE syntax.

In the early evening I heard the call of a house gecko, very strong this time. It was clearly coming from inside our apartment, close to the kitchen. There was already a house gecko living above my desk for some time, its presence proved by the droppings I found now and then on the surface of my desk.

Esme and I don't mind having house geckos in our apartment. They provide us with an excellent free service: the extermination of pests like (small) cockroaches.

In the night I spotted the new gecko on the wall of our kitchen. And shortly after we had turned off the lights, we heard it call out a few times.

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