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Books, scorpions, and Google blunders

Saturday, July 26, 2008 | 0 comments

In the morning the three of us went to the post office to pick up some books. In the afternoon I read on a Dutch website a translation of a post on the official Google blog, on which two software engineers claimed that there is an infinite number of web pages out there, which is of course a false statement. At first I decided to leave it with a comment on the Dutch website but then I decided to blog about it, because on the Dutch website a lot of people somehow thought that it actually is possible; an infinite number of web pages.

Also in the afternoon I had been quite busy with moving a lot (and I mean a lot, not an infinite number) of second instar Centruroides gracilis from the enclosure they shared with their mother to small containers. While doing so I noticed that I was running out of containers, so I guess that the total number of juvenile scorpions is close to 60.

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