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A book and some music

Thursday, July 17, 2008 | 0 comments

In the morning the mailman visited us twice. The second time he handed a package from Amazon over to Esme. At first I was guessing that the package contained (some of) the books my brother had ordered for me as a birthday present. Yes, my birthday was in February, but you can blame the belated gift entirely on me; he had been asking for ages for me to compile a list with books I wanted. Anyway, it was not my brother's order but a book in exchange for a small Perl program I had written: "A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux".

Somewhat later that day I discovered that another torrent had become available with the debut album of Scars on Broadway. Available before the official release of their album even, which is July the 29th. Another torrent, because yesterday I noticed a torrent that claimed to have the debut album as well, but since all tracks were hidden in a zip file and the download progressed in an odd way, reminding me of a SafeNet action, I aborted the download.

The torrent I downloaded today, however, had each track as a single file. And when the first tracks were finished to download because I had given them a higher priority, I was sure it was the real thing.

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