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Comments: Scars on Broadway hitting the torrents


Last Wednesday I received an email that I could pre-order on iTunes the self titled debut album of Scars on Broadway. But like I predicted / joked on a forum a few months back, the SoB's album would be out before the official date of July the 29th. And today it turns out that I was somewhat right, although it was not the start of June, as I predicted. The debut album of Scars on Broadway can be downloaded via the bittorrent protocol.

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Clarify, please- does this mean you have not heard the entire album yet and only listened to They Say and Chemicals?

If this is true, I highly suggest you listen to the entire album, especially 3005. Many say that They Say and Chemicals are the weakest of all the songs. Who knows why Daron chose to release those. I have only listened to 30 second samples of all the songs but I must say, just with those 30 seconds some of the songs have blown me away. It's just my opinion, though. And I'm commenting just to say give it another chance ;)

Posted by Dena at 02:58 GMT on 19 July 2008

@Dena - no, I've heard the entire album, a few times even. And yes, I will listen to it a bit more. Now and then albums do grow on me, like for example "De-Loused in the Comatorium" by The Mars Volta. But that probably had also a lot to do with me hearing just a few tracks of that album in a random order.

On the other hand, I listened to the debut album of Scars on Broadway because I like System of a Down a lot, especially their first album (and some songs that are not part of any album). And Scars on Broadway is quite removed from the self titled album by System of a Down. Not that I expected anything different, but to me their debut album is just missing the moments of surprise and delight that most System of a Down songs gave me first time I heard them (and long after).

Taste differs, which is a good thing as my mom has said many times when she heard the music I was listening to :-).

Posted by John Bokma at 04:13 GMT on 19 July 2008

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