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Comments: Why I won't buy HP products in Mexico anymore


Today, after I had discovered that the heatsink of the "North Bridge" in my Compaq Presario SR1505LA was no longer in place, I decided to contact HP via their online support chat. I was already afraid that the chat would be going nowhere, since the Compaq was older than one year, and it was one of those systems HP dumps in Mexico (meaning: low quality, close to minimal requirements for running the Windows operating system, out dated). The monitor that came with the system, a MV7540, had already died on us several weeks ago.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the info. I went to work on daughters HP a1203w (From Wal-Mart) and when I opened the case I saw the exact same thing. I first thought it just came loose and I was going to try to reattach it.

I did a search on how to apply a heatsink on this motherboard and I found your site. Thank you for posting this and I have to wonder if more people would post things that happen like this, maybe next time we could actually prevent someone else from getting stuck with a manufacturers reject and who know if enough people become informed, the manufacture be held accountable.

Posted by maslatte at 00:59 GMT on 18 July 2008

@maslatte - I have contacted Asus by email on the issue, which seems to be more frequent then I thought, yesterday. I don't expect any reply back, but who knows because they somewhat seem to have a reputation to not reply to email. And the contact form on their website doesn't allow me to select the Asus K8S-LA, probably because it's an OEM board.

Posted by John Bokma at 19:42 GMT on 18 July 2008

If you go to Mexico and buy something, SPEAK SPANISH!!! do not expect technical support using a foreign language... dumb! of course there are authorized HP service centres in Mexico, however, it is likely Rodrigo did not speak enough English to explain you what you had to do.

Posted by Naive1 at 05:49 GMT on 21 September 2008

@Naive1 - Acer and Dell are able to provide technical support in English (not just any foreign language), in Mexico. So my expectations were not that high. I asked if support in English was possible. The answer was yes, but only by phone (which I refuse for several reasons, most important one is that I don't have a written transcript that a chat or email provides).

Anyway, if you study the screendump of (a part of) my chat with Rodrigo you can see that he mentions that I have to go to a service center. If I ask if there is a service center near Xalapa, Veracruz, it's he who mentiones autorized [sic] service center, not me. So I am sure Rodrigo knows what he's talking about.

Moreover, I think that anyone who speaks English at Rodrigo's level does certainly know what an authorized service center is, since it's centro autorizado de servicio in Spanish.

Finally, it would have been nice if you provided us with a list of those aforementioned authorized HP service centers.

Posted by John Bokma at 15:12 GMT on 21 September 2008

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