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Comments: Mozilla Software Developer Failed


Recently I got rid of the issue that caused Mozilla Firefox to show a "Software Update Failed" dialog window every time I started the browser. Shortly after a new update of Firefox came available, and caused the same issue.

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If all users on a system can update software anytime a prompt appears on the screen then the system would soon be riddled with spyware etc. So the solution you propose is the only one - tell the user to ask the Administrator to do the update. Having said that, I work in awe of open-source concept and practical results. I also work in awe of those end-users who code a fix. Can you code a fix and submit it to Mozilla?

Posted by tonymac at 14:42 GMT on 15 December 2007

hi tonymac,

From what I've read on bugzilla Firefox doesn't attempt to update anymore when it has limited access rights, which is a good thing.

I have no idea if it has been fixed in Thunderbird as well, but I guess yes because I guess the responsible code is shared between those two applications.

Posted by John Bokma at 14:10 GMT on 21 December 2007

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