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Comments: Butterfly safari near San Marcos


Today Esme, Alice, and I went on butterfly safari close to a small town between Coatepec and Xico. Originally we wanted to do this trip last Sunday, but we got up quite late and decided to go another day. We didn't know the name of the town at the start of our trip, but learned a bit later that it's called San Marcos. We took first the city bus to "los Sauces" - which is close to a small park - to take a bus in the direction of Xico.

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Nice pictures. I live near San Marcos and have pictures of what you call Crimson patch (Chlosyne janais), but I thought it was Rosita Patch (Chlosyne rosita) since the "patch" is a bit lighter than other photos I have seen of Crimson patch. I am no expert, just wondered if you knew for sure.

Posted by Jim/James/Jaime at 22:46 GMT on 18 December 2007


To be honest I am not sure. I've been looking at quite some Crimson and Rosita patch photos and I've settled on Crimson Patch. I'll try to get an ID from someone who has more experience.


Posted by John Bokma at 14:10 GMT on 21 December 2007

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