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Comments: Nine volts with a bang


Today I was using my portable UV LED light source to check if there where any more baby scorpions left in the terrarium when I was greeted with a painful loud plop. It turned out that one of the 1.5 Volt cells in one of the 9V Duracell alkaline batteries had exploded after months of use...

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I had on of those 9V Duracells in my pocket and felt a lot of heat against my leg. I could hardly touch it when I took it out. I had small change in the same pocket, I wonder if that had something do with it.

Is it a Duracell 9V only ?

Anyone know ?

Posted by Ingy at 22:30 GMT on 13 September 2011

I was awakened by 2 rather loud bangs. Then all smoke detectors went off and would not stop. After running around the house and seeing that it was not burning down, Ishut off the breaker to the detectors. One would not stop. I opened it to find the Duracell 9v blew up. The bottom end blew out for no reason. Oh well, no more Duracell for my home!

Posted by Daver517 at 18:49 GMT on 19 December 2011

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