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Comments: Xalapa in the fog


In the evening a very dense fog hid most of the city of Xalapa from view. I took the photo below from the open window of the part of our house I call the office, and which until recently was our bedroom.

Read the rest of Xalapa in the fog.


Yo John, Do you know a gringo there named Dave Garner? He was living in Lencero for decades -- now I don't know. We live and teach and build in Cordoba.


Posted by frankania at 12:59 GMT on 22 April 2007

Hi Frank,

No I don't know him. I'll ask around though.

We have family in Cordoba, have been there and in Orizaba a few months ago. I'll do my best to have some pictures I made back then up soon.

Posted by John Bokma at 21:12 GMT on 23 April 2007

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