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Comments: Scented gel candles made by Esme


Tomorrow Esme and I are having a baby shower. Esme has been busy planning the whole event for some time now, looking up games to do, what kind of presents to give, inviting people et cetera.

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You should really reconsider making candles with items in them. Some of the items you are placing in your candle could easily become ignited cause your small flamed candle to turn into a fireball.

Posted by Concerned Reader at 01:48 GMT on 28 August 2008

Esme is most likely going to end up with a nice bonfire or two. You should NEVER put dried items in your gel like that. Just hope no one burns down their house.

You really should have done some research on gel candles first.

Posted by Mima at 17:46 GMT on 28 August 2008

Thanks "Concerned Reader" and Mima. While Esme didn't make the candles for actual use - they were given as decorative only to our visitors - I should have included a clear warning with my blog post, which I have just done.

Thanks again.

Posted by John Bokma at 18:32 GMT on 28 August 2008

good art that make mind ginius

Posted by artist deepak chavhan at 19:38 GMT on 14 April 2009

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