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Doing it not yourself, or not

Monday, February 19, 2007 | 0 comments

Today I had a long chat on Live Messenger with Els. We talked about many things, and one of the topics was doing things yourself - like for example assembling your own computer - or not. I said to Els that I preferred to buy my next computer assembled, probably a Dell. Assembling my own computer takes me quite some time. Besides, good components are hard to get here in Xalapa, Veracruz, and overpriced (often at least 15% more expensive compared to the same computer part in the United States).

I wrote to Els that I often reason: I make more an hour compared to hiring someone, so I prefer to hire someone, also because an expert does his or her work faster, and hopefully better, compared to me (and has the right tools, etc.). As an example I told her that I hired a carpenter to have my computer desk custom made for my office. I could have made my own, but it would have taken me a lot of time. And even though I probably would have liked to do the job I decided to hire someone. As a counter example, I told Els that I had added some additional shelves to my office, made a photo as proof, and transferred it to her via Live Messenger. Then I decided to take a few more photos, and show her the most recent version of my office.

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