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Comments: From Xalapa to Puebla City to Tehuacán


In the morning I checked for the last time my gear: portable version of the UV scorpion detector, 6 boxes to contain and transport scorpions safely, Dell Axim X51v (PDA), Pandora's Star (book), and of course my digital camera, a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC S600. All was packed in a safe way inside my, or better Esme's backpack, because it was the lighter one. I took her backpack which contained mostly our clothes and we left the house and took the first bus to the central bus station of Xalapa (CAXA).

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Hi John,

nice to see you visited Puebla, the city where I'll move from Switzerland by the end of this year to join mi beloved Lupita. I scour as you the states of Pueba, Veracruz y Oaxaca to find minerals or fossils.

Many places you visited I have visited too, and this country ever enchants and amazes me.

When I come, I will invite you to hike with us some nice places around Puebla and stay at our casita, "Mi casa es tu casa" !

Thank you to share your experiences !

Posted by Maurizio at 04:46 GMT on 21 March 2007

Hi Maurizio,

I look forward to meet you and am certainly interested in looking around for fossils and minerals which I used to collect in the past.

I've found some fossils near to Tenextepec but didn't take any with me. I might have done so if I had some equipment with me.

Posted by John Bokma at 04:55 GMT on 29 March 2007

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