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Comments: Ripping Music CDs with CDex


CDex is a freeware CD ripper that I have been using several times to convert my music CDs to MP3s. CDex can extract audio CD tracks as wav files, or directly encode the tracks to mp3, VQF, FLAC, WMA, Ogg, and several other formats. The program can use CDDB to name and tag each track. Moreover, the program can also be used to convert wav files to mp3 files and vice versa.

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Thank you for such a clear and comprehensive guide to setting up CDex. This is the only guide I found (and there are other tutorials about CDex on codecs.com, help2go and elsewhere) which explains how to install the Nero ASPI and BurnRights so that CDex can be used in WinXP (Pro) user-accounts and not just by Administrator accounts.

Best wishes - br1anstorm

Posted by br1anstorm at 11:52 GMT on 25 June 2007

Your page helped me to configure cdex for vista. Needs to be XP compatible and run as administrator.

Cdex has a profile toolbar. It should allows to set parameters for several users.


Posted by Max at 19:07 GMT on 14 October 2007

Thanks for putting this together, it helped me set up CDex in a hurry. Very nice explanation and screenshots.

Posted by Andrew at 18:19 GMT on 23 December 2007

You're welcome Andrew, and thanks.

Posted by John Bokma at 16:24 GMT on 24 December 2007

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