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Goodshirt and more good Kiwi music

Saturday, January 6, 2007 | 0 comments

When I lived in New Zealand several years back I discovered that New Zealand has several excellent bands. If I recall correctly there is a law in New Zealand that states that a certain percentage of music played on the radio and television must be made by New Zealand artists, giving them quite some airplay.

One of the Kiwi bands I like a lot is the now disbanded Goodshirt. Sadly I left their debut album "Good" in the Netherlands when I moved to Mexico. Last month I asked on a message board frequented by several Kiwi's if anyone could upload a copy of "Good". And today a friend told me he had done so, and finally I could listen to Goodshirt again.

My favorite songs on "Good" by Goodshirt are:

and the best song on "Good" is in my opinion "Green".

Other good Kiwi artists

Below follows a short list of other Kiwi artists I like a lot. For each artist I give a selection of my favorite songs.

Kiwi music related

Also today

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