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Comments: Scorpions under UV light: making better photos


Today, after reading an article on Photography in the Ultraviolet spectrum (Instructables) I decided to give taking photos of scorpions under UV light another try. Most scorpions do "glow" under UV light (black light), a process called fluorescence. However, my camera is quite sensitive to UV light, resulting in a lot of additional blue in the photo. As a UV light source I used several UV LEDs and the camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-S600.

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what the hell are you doing with scorpions anyway those shits are deadly but ummm intresting with the whole battery crap

Posted by wtf at 04:10 GMT on 23 November 2008


Only a small number of scorpion species are deadly to humans, except when you're allergic to their sting. I am very careful with the scorpions I keep, especially the specimen that I haven't been able to identify and belong to the Centruroides genus.

Posted by John Bokma at 18:20 GMT on 4 December 2008

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