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Comments: A spiny lizard in the grass


When walking to "El Volcancillo" (the little volcano) from the town of Toxtlacuaya, Veracruz, Esme spotted a spiny lizard (Sceloporus species). When she called me, the lizard ran away from its basking spot in the sun between the high grass.

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You are awesome I would never believe that someone would do something like that. I admire you even though I dont know you.

Posted by Get freaky at 21:15 GMT on 18 May 2007

Cool photos!! My kids love animals and showed them your photos. They want to go on vacation there. Thanks Dave

Posted by dave at 21:33 GMT on 26 July 2007

Thanks for sharing these great photos !

Posted by skatman at 15:10 GMT on 8 February 2008

was researching carpenter bees when I was directed to your site. after looking at your muy bueno carpenter bee photo I continued clicking the other 24 picture links and enjoyed them all muy mucho, as i'm sure many other people have than are reflected in the comments. it's been five years since your pictures were taken, but it could just as well have been five minutes - they're timeless. muchas gracias for sharing.

Posted by Anonymous at 08:21 GMT on 4 March 2011

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