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Comments: A surprise in a towel


Today, in the afternoon, Esme took a shower. And when done, she took her towel, and somehow noticed that there was a surprise in her towel...

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By the whey you let it walk on you I guess it's not a dangerous type. It looks a lot like on I found and almost stepped on in my hotel room in Venezuela.

Posted by Mean at 15:01 GMT on 20 November 2007

your writing is sooo awesome, sexy hot,fun,biatch. i would like to raise baby scorpions with you all my entierly life. i entirely feel your entrie story was entirely awesome. house.house. i hope you are happy. is english your 3rd or 4th language? lots of love a love love girl who has scorpion toes.

Amanda Templar x

Posted by sexy toes at 11:17 GMT on 16 January 2009

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