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Comments: A permanent redirect using RedirectMatch

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Today Denise posted a question regarding using a permanent redirect from one part of her site on an Apache web server, to another part of her site for all files to the Usenet group

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I recently did something similar when considering a switch from WordPress to Drupal for my blog. Since my pages had all been indexed, I didn't want to "lose" the existing listings in the search engine.

My new site was "" and all the previous entries were under "". My needs were for to go to that site, but for hits to the main page (just /) to go to the new site.

Accomplished that with: [code] RedirectMatch ^/$ [/code]

mod_rewrite is awesome, once you figure it out. =)

Posted by Jeremy L. Gaddis at 02:44 GMT on 5 October 2006

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