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Comments: A permanent redirect using RedirectMatch

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Today Denise posted a question regarding using a permanent redirect from one part of her site on an Apache web server, to another part of her site for all files to the Usenet group alt.internet.search-engines:

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I recently did something similar when considering a switch from WordPress to Drupal for my blog. Since my pages had all been indexed, I didn't want to "lose" the existing listings in the search engine.

My new site was "blog.jeremygaddis.com" and all the previous entries were under "www.jeremygaddis.com". My needs were for www.jeremygaddis.com/anything to go to that site, but for hits to the main page (just /) to go to the new site.

Accomplished that with: [code] RedirectMatch ^/$ http://blog.jeremygaddis.com/ [/code]

mod_rewrite is awesome, once you figure it out. =)

Posted by Jeremy L. Gaddis at 02:44 GMT on 5 October 2006

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