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Comments: We are still here!

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As most sensible people expected, or maybe better: as most sensible people didn't care, we are still here, without the number of the beast on our foreheads (which even doesn't seem to be 666).

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Hi John, Glad to hear you are feeling better and still living in Jalapa with Esme. I still haven't made it to Jalapa, but still dreaming... Would still like to see more pictures and commentaries of travels in the city and around Veracruz state. The state of Veracruz (as well as other states) has put out a marvellous book of Veracruz history and sights. Veracruz is quite an amazing and varied place; lots to explore I'm sure, whether your interests are historical or ecological. Did you see much of Mel Gibson when he was filming his upcoming Apocalypto movie? ha ha. Take care. Dave in Toronto.

Posted by David in Canada at 13:03 GMT on 16 June 2006

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