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We are still here!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006 | 1 comment

As most sensible people expected, or maybe better: as most sensible people didn't care, we are still here, without the number of the beast on our foreheads (which even doesn't seem to be 666).

Anyway, today I finished a book I was reading, and since I have been able to read for quite some time now (I couldn't for a long time due to a major depression, which seems almost gone), I decided to write a short review on the 3 most recent books I've read.

Also, since Esme had bought some house crickets today, I decided to clean up the left part of the a terrarium, which has a glass divider in the middle, the part that houses a juvenile tarantula, before I was going to fed it. I had already cleaned the right part earlier on, but didn't want to disturb the "left" tarantula because it was in hiding. But last Saturday it reappeared.

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