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Comments: A house gecko, and a scorpion drinking

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Today we went to a party held at the house of the inlaws of a friend. When he opened a sliding window to let some cool air into the room, he scared a house gecko out of hiding. The animal ran up the window pane but by the time I got my camera ready, it was gone from view, and after some more window moving, it went outside.

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Hi and Good Afternoon,

I found your photos and what you had to say interesting. 'My' first gecko took up residence over two years ago. We - a visiter from Scotland - called it Bingo. In that time a few more have joined them. One baby I saw was the size of the upper part of my thumb.

I now have one in my bedroom living behind the picture above the bed head and as they may 'wee' on you I'm not happy!

I don't know whether they are the Asian or Australian type and am wondering if they make different sounds.

I put naphthalene flakes outside the windows etc. today - read using moth balls deterred them- but....!

Any answers on what to do?



PS. I'm sure my tenants know MY voice.

Posted by Annette Chacos at 04:02 GMT on 19 January 2010

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