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Comments: Ixhuacán de los Reyes - part 2

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We kept following the road, more up and up. Then we noticed a closed gate. There was a small dirt road to the left, and we decided to follow it. Suddenly it started to rain quite strong. Luckily we had brought some rain gear: thin plastic coats. Esme decided that we could wait a little under the trees, and so we did.

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Simply awesome!!! i wonder how you got to know about that place. You know, i've been studying about mexican history, especifically about the places that Hernán Cortès visited during the year of 1519, as we was approaching the city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan. And ixhuacan is one of those places. i am plannning to visit this place. thank you very much for your photos. they gave some valuable insights about the climate and vegetation.



Posted by nitramiv at 21:35 GMT on 4 August 2008

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