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Forum spammers and how to report them

Thursday, May 11, 2006 | 0 comments

Today I noticed a new member on a message board I am the administrator of. Almost 9 out of 10 times a new member is just a forum profile spammer. They somehow are able to circumvent the CAPTCHA I installed, probably by using humans to solve it in exchange for access to, for example, a porn website.

A forum profile spammer
A forum profile spammer

The member name is "proxy-checker" and the spamvertized site is www.proxyfarm.com. I used SpamCop to look up the email addresses to report this abuse to. Since I wanted to add some extra information I decided to check on Google with the following search query:

"proxy-checker" "viewing profile"

Google reported 1,480 search results at time of writing. But not all are actual forum profiles. So I tried another query:

www.proxyfarm.com "proxy-checker"

Google reported 929 results. Moreover, I saw quite a few times: "Does anyone used they" as part of the spam message. I was sure that this was no coincidence and Google proved me right:

"Does anyone used they" proxy checker

About 857 search results.

How to report forum spam

As I already wrote, I used SpamCop to look up the email addresses to report abuse: Reporting addresses for www.proxyfarm.com. I also included links to the Google result pages to show that this was not just a minor incident. If enough people report this, the website of the spammer might be taken down, and hopefully he or she has learned a lesson.


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