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Body of a Conopsis lineata

El Limón Totalco, Veracruz, Mexico | 0 comments
Body of a Conopsis lineata.
Body of a Conopsis lineata.

In the above photo Esme is holding a Tolucan ground snake to show its body. I love the pattern even though this snake is probably considered to have a boring color.

I keep one snake, of probably the same species, as a pet. It is much smaller then the one Esme is holding in the above photo. The snake is quite docile and loves to eat house crickets. Also, it doesn't have much problems with being handled, which I rarely do though.

This snake has been identified as being a Conopsis lineata, however I am not sure if its a subspecies (ssp). Notice that the old name for Conopsis lineata was Toluca lineata.

This photo gallery is part of Tarantulas and snakes - El Limón Totalco part 3, which also describes the habitat.

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