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Top view of a small tarantula spider

Coyolillo, Veracruz, Mexico | 0 comments
A juvenile Mexican tarantula.
A juvenile Mexican tarantula.

I saw this juvenile tarantula when walking near the town of Coyolillo, Veracruz, Mexico. It was hiding under a piece of bark, fallen off a dead tree trunk nearby. It looks like the hairs on the abdomen of this species have a reddish brown color, but I doubt if its Brachypelma vagans (Mexican red-rump). I have seen quite some Brachypelma vagans species, but this tarantula spider looks different. Since I have little experience with identifying tarantulas I might be wrong.

This photo gallery is part of Arachnids near Coyolillo - part 1, which also has habitat pictures.
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