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Comments: Arachnids near Coyolillo - part 4


When we arrived into the meadow, we decided to have a break. After a few minutes I became restless again, and started to look under stones. The place looked like a Centruroides gracilis habitat, and I was sure I would find scorpions today.

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Thank you for those wonderful pictures. I have been wanting to learn more about the fauna of Veracruz. I love how you not only have an identifying caption in many cases but also back up to show the surrounding environment where the "local inhabitant" can be found. Thank you again for expanding our knowledge of the environment here.

Posted by Mindy at 23:06 GMT on 23 January 2007

Thanks for your kind words Mindy!

Posted by John Bokma at 22:19 GMT on 31 January 2007

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