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Comments: Tarantula versus superworm


In the night I put a superworm in the tarantula terarrium. I tried to throw the superworm (Zophobas morio larva) as close to the tarantula spider as possible, but failed. The superworm disappeared into the substrate quite fast.

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Can anyone tell me where Superworms are found in the wild? ...my friend jokingly told me they are just ordinary mealworms found near Three Mile Island.

Posted by bug lady at 15:45 GMT on 20 October 2006

Hi bug lady - super worms are the larvae of the darkling beetle (or more specific: the larvae of one specific darkling beetle species: Zophobas morio). I have found darkling beetles in the wild here in Mexico in pieces of rotting wood, often accompanied by several larvae. I have also found them under stones in dry areas.

I bought several super worms in a pet shop, and put them in a big plastic container with some mulch manly consisting of rotting wood. The larvae turned into beetles, and the beetles reproduced, and I have now a lot of little super worms. In my experience so far they are easy to keep and breed.

Posted by John Bokma at 16:06 GMT on 20 October 2006

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