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Tarantula versus superworm

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 | 2 comments

In the night I put a superworm in the tarantula terarrium. I tried to throw the superworm (Zophobas morio larva) as close to the tarantula spider as possible, but failed. The superworm disappeared into the substrate quite fast.

So I decided to throw in another one. And this time the larva ended up on top of the hiding place the tarantula had made using webbing and glueing sand and even rocks against the webbing.

I gave up, also because I had fed the tarantula a day earlier a big female field cricket, and checked up on some of the scorpions I keep, especially the two scorpions I captured last Sunday, both belonging to the same Diplocentrus species.

When I looked again at the tarantula terrarium (which has a glass divider, separating two tarantulas both belonging to the same species), I noticed that the tarantula had come out of hiding and was sitting in the open on the substrate. Suddenly the substrate moved a little, and what happened next was over before I had a good idea of what exactly happened. The tarantula spider somehow pulled one of the superworms (probably the first) out of the substrate, and went back into hiding. It all was over in a very short time. The superworm tried to wriggle out of the tarantulas grasp, but the tarantula moved it's legs out of the way, so the larva couldn't get a grip.

Where is a digital video camera when you need one?

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