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A short walk near Tapachula: Puente Malpaso

Saturday, February 4, 2006 | 0 comments

When we arrived back in Tapachula after our very short visit to Guatemala, we decided to have a short walk nearby. I had already asked in the morning if we could find scorpions, but the answer was negative. At the taxi stand in front of the bus station (we had just bought our return tickets), Esme asked again about scorpions and yes, plenty, big ones, but it took one hour by taxi (150 pesos). Since it was close to 2 PM and we had to be back around 5:30 PM we didn't have much time, nor did I want to pay that much money.

So Esme asked if we could go to a nearby river, and we took a taxi to it. We got off the taxi near Puente Malpaso. We first walked to the right (from the direction we came), and went down to the dry river bed. The river was just a small stream, but from the size of the river bed, and the huge fallen trees it was clear that at times this river was one to take very serious.

We followed a dirt road up, and after a short walk returned back at the road, we crossed the road, and started to follow a dirt road on the other side. Suddenly Esme saw a big lizard, which I sadly missed.

Rest follows later.

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