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Comments: Selecting a digital camera


Today I looked at some Canon digital cameras. I have plans for buying one, but I still have no idea what to buy. Should I buy a not too expensive one, somewhere around the 500 USD (Canon Powershot S80), or go for a more expensive one, around 1000 USD (Canon Digital Rebel XT + extras).

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Found your site looking for some SSL DLLs -- very helpful!

My wife and I just bought the Canon SD550 (US $450) and have been very happy with it. But it just depends on your needs. The 550 is very compact (fits in our pockets), 7 Megapixel, has very little shutter delay and next shot delay (even when using the flash) (when you set the resolution to the 2nd highest -- the delay is kind of long for the highest res.), and it has a good lens, so we've been happy with the picture quality. It will also take long videos (as long as you have the memory) with sound, and those have decent quality.

But it lacks manual controls, so it really depends on your needs. We bought ours to take pictures of our daughter, and for that it is perfect. Another downside is that it uses a proprietary Canon battery ($30).

Posted by Derek at 14:11 GMT on 20 January 2006

I am very happy with a Minolta Diamage A1 - I really like the anti-shake system you can shoot successfully at 1/15 of a second handheld.

Regards, John Calypso Viva Veracruz - Musings from and about living in Mexico Xico, Veracruz

Posted by Calypso at 03:57 GMT on 25 February 2006

John, I am certainly going to check out your blog ("Viva Veracruz") on living in Mexico more often.

Thanks for passing by and notifying me of its existence.

Posted by John Bokma at 20:23 GMT on 16 March 2006

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