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Selecting a digital camera

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 | 3 comments

Today I looked at some Canon digital cameras. I have plans for buying one, but I still have no idea what to buy. Should I buy a not too expensive one, somewhere around the 500 USD (Canon Powershot S80), or go for a more expensive one, around 1000 USD (Canon Digital Rebel XT + extras).

Decisions, decisions. I asked my friend Els for some advice, and she gave me a link to the Camera Reviews page on her site with links to cameras she once considered for buying (she decided on the Minolta DiMAGE Z1). All 3 links go to reviews on the Digital Camera Resource Page.

I had already found another digital camera site myself: Digital Camera Reviews and News. But all those long but excellent reviews don't make the decision easier.

I am thinking about buying the camera online with the Digital Foto Club, especially since buying a digital camera in Xalapa, Mexico, means paying over twice as much compared to the prices in online shops located in the USA.

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