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Comments: Chat on MySpace?


A common prank in chat rooms is to have newbies kick themselves out of the chat, often by making them press the Alt+F4 combination. My friend Andreja is very good at making people work the magic and today she came up with two new nice examples, taken from the #MySpace channel:

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Lol.. thats funny... i got a chuckle out of that.. im looking for a code to put a chatroom into my site right now.. not working out.. LOL

Posted by Gigidy at 19:31 GMT on 21 July 2006

how do i chat with my friends on myspace?

Posted by joaraliz at 16:28 GMT on 26 February 2007

Tyler, if u r still thr i am gonna be there around 12:45 i,m rrunning a little late cos it took me time to "find" u.

by the way this is your mom!!!

Posted by Tyler at 19:53 GMT on 3 March 2007

hey tyler i dont know what your talkinking about

Posted by nana at 21:28 GMT on 21 June 2011

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