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Chat on MySpace?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 | 4 comments

A common prank in chat rooms is to have newbies kick themselves out of the chat, often by making them press the Alt+F4 combination. My friend Andreja is very good at making people work the magic and today she came up with two new nice examples, taken from the #MySpace channel:

<Tyler>        how do you add this to myspace?
<mistressEVIL> add what?
<Tyler>        this chat room
<mistressEVIL> oh
<mistressEVIL> well
<mistressEVIL> there's an option here that gives you code
<Tyler>        oh
<mistressEVIL> just press alt + C + F4 and you'll get a code
               which you then put in your myspace code
<Tyler>        oh
<Tyler>        okay thanks
<mistressEVIL> no problem
<-- Tyler has quit (Web Browser closed)

And after like 30 minutes another victim joined the #MySpace channel, and left in a hurry:

<chi>          how do i install a chat on my page
<mistressEVIL> oh hey
<mistressEVIL> there's an option that gives you a code
<mistressEVIL> which you then put into your myspace code
<chi>          which one
<chi>          ok
<mistressEVIL> gotta press alt + C + F4 to get a code
<-- chi has quit (Web Browser closed)

He probably got the code and added the chat to his MySpace page...

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