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Comments: Net::Google bug: missing wsdl file


Today I tried to install Net::Google following my own recipe: Net-Google with ActiveState Perl. I downloaded both Net-Google-1.0.tar.gz and Nmake15.exe, extracted the latter in the C:\Program Files\bin directory and the former in My Documents.

Read the rest of Net::Google bug: missing wsdl file.


I had this problem for a few minutes until I found your entry. Much appreciated. :)

Posted by f0rked at 02:29 GMT on 4 January 2006

It worked!.. thanks.

Posted by sathish at 05:30 GMT on 5 July 2006

I experienced this same error in GNU/Linux. It turned out that I needed to copy the Services directory from lib/Net/Google to lib/Net. The module did not work unless this folder was in both places.

Posted by Brian at 16:55 GMT on 11 May 2007

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