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Net::Google bug: missing wsdl file

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 | 3 comments

Today I tried to install Net::Google following my own recipe: Net-Google with ActiveState Perl. I downloaded both Net-Google-1.0.tar.gz and Nmake15.exe, extracted the latter in the C:\Program Files\bin directory and the former in My Documents.

Next, I ran the Makefile.PL script:

perl Makefile.PL
This module requires Module::Build to install itself.
  Install Module::Build now from CPAN? [y]

Since I prefer to install modules using ppm, I aborted the script, and installed Module-Build with the following one-liner:

ppm install Module-Build
Install 'Module-Build' version 0.2611 in ActivePerl

After the succesfull installation of Module-Build, I entered nmake, followed by an nmake test. The latter choked with several complaints that some tests couldn't be ran. The following message was a hint of what was wrong:

Service description 'file:' can't be loaded: 404 File `' does not exist

Net::Google fix: copy the wsdl file

The fix is an easy one. Somehow the build process doesn't copy the GoogleSearch.wsdl and the directory Services that contains this file to the blib directory. So copying manually the Services directory from:


to the following directory:


fixed the problem for me. Entering nmake tests reported no more problems, and nmake install made the programs I have that require Net-Google work again.

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