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Comments: Download the Hypnotize video by System of a Down


Today I downloaded the Hypnotize video by System of a Down. At first I followed my own instructions for the BYOB video, also by SoaD: Stream this BYOB video!, but this didn't work with the URL given on the "News" page.

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Dude, you ROCK!

I've been looking for this video everywhere, and because of you I get to see the awsomeness that is S.O.A.D.

Thanks dude for this awsome video.

Posted by Elf Boy at 21:56 GMT on 6 November 2005

Thanks, who ever u r. I've been looking on websites 4 the last 3 weeks 4 the Hypnotize video. Now do u think u could put on the video of System at the the MTV Awards? i didnt get a chance to see it and im dying to.


Posted by system of a down KICK ASS!! pop and r and b SUCK shit at 14:53 GMT on 13 November 2005

help! how do u download it it doesnt say oh and i looove that song.. bloddyhell thats real shit help is u can plz!

Posted by soad lover at 19:51 GMT on 19 November 2005

good job man...i like it....

i am from Indonesian///

Posted by wanx at 22:45 GMT on 13 December 2005

Thank you very much, that was exactly what I was looking for! Great work!

Posted by Martin Hinrichs at 19:40 GMT on 10 January 2006

it didnt wrk cuz my puter is gay.... i really wan' it, its so fricken awesome, but..yah.


Posted by meg at 03:16 GMT on 23 January 2006

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