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Download the Hypnotize video by System of a Down

Tuesday, November 1, 2005 | 6 comments

Today I downloaded the Hypnotize video by System of a Down. At first I followed my own instructions for the BYOB video, also by SoaD: Stream this BYOB video!, but this didn't work with the URL given on the "News" page.

So I opened a command prompt on Windows XP, typed wget followed by the URL, and used the type command to see what was stored in the SystemOfADown_Hypnotize_VidFull_300.asx file (I removed some empty lines for clarity):

<ASX version = "3.0" >

   <Ref HREF = "mms://


Replacing mms: with http: in the very long URL, copy pasting it into the URL field of WMRecorder 7.0, and pressing record did the trick.

Downloading the Hypnotize video using WMRecorder 7.0
Downloading the Hypnotize video using WMRecorder 7.0

If you want the URL directly, place the mouse on top the following link: SystemOfADown_Hypnotize_VidFull_300.wmv and select "Copy Shortcut" from the mouse menu if you are using Internet Explorer. Firefox users: select "Copy Link Location". Paste the URL in the URL field of WMRecorder 7.0 and press the record button.

When the download of the Hypnotize video has finished (8.628 MB), press the play button to convert it to the asf format. The resulting asf file should be 9,160,014 bytes in size.

Enjoy Hypnotize!

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