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Comments: VMware Player, OpenOffice.org, Java and more


Although I still had quite a cold, today I did a few small things on the computer, mainly installing some software, and trying to get the VMware Player to work with the Browser Appliance virtual machine. I already tried so last Thursday, but since my computer has only 256 M - I am still waiting for a 1 GB memory replacement kit - it couldn't start the virual machine due to lack of sufficient memory.

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System restore really is many times solution to a problem. If something goes wrong i dont consider restoring as "last" option anymore.

Oh btw John... offtopic, but maybe once you could write about "how to delete files"... those that gives you "used by another application" error, etc.

Posted by mistressEVIL at 08:23 GMT on 27 October 2005

I stumble across your page looking for more info on VMware, but noticed that you installed OpenOffice 2.0. Noting what you had thought of the previous interface, what do you think of 2.0? Myself I haven't got the chance to look at everything, but at first glance I had to double check and make sure I hadn't opened Word2003. I think they really stepped up their game with 2.0. Hope you think so too.

Posted by Matt at 16:41 GMT on 29 October 2005

please tell me the steps to take to install java into my vmware application that is running ubuntu breezy 5.10. linux is so vast. the sites that i have been to that tell you how to install java like firefox,java,debian,blackdown and ubuntu etc. etc. are so vague about installing java to work with firefox in vmware with ubuntu it is driving me nuts. currently i was asked by openoffice 2.0 to have java to run the media player but i do not now how to install or which package to use which i later deleted the .vmx and started a new .vmx which now has openoffice 1.1.5 and i'd like to upgrade to 2.0 again but with java installed first like you did. and most important my streamload account requires me to use java while in firefox 1.5 to upload and download. thank you in advance for any direction you can give. i just want my applications to work nothing deeper.

Posted by Richard at 22:18 GMT on 7 March 2006

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